Oppo R15 Pro User Manual PDF

Oppo R15 Pro User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Oppo R15 Pro

Oppo R15 Pro User Guide PDF Download

Oppo R15 Pro manual – OPPO company officially announced its newest product called two OPPO R15 and OPPO R15 Pro.


If viewed from a design that brought the two latest products this OPPO looks the same. With dual rear cameras arranged horizontally and 6.28 inch screen. R15 dressed body OPPO material aluminum and glass.

While the OPPO R15 Plus brings the body design with a wrap of ceramics and glass. It seems the OPPO Pro R15 impressed more elegant huh?

Both are equally sized 6.28 inch screen bring with your Corning Gorilla Glass class 5. The density of the pixels which brought both also has been in the number 401 ppi display with curved 2.5 D.

Specifications and Processor

Specifications for both are also provided with similar specifications. Just imagine, a good OPPO R15 Pro and OPPO R15 have the same RAM capacity that is 6 GB.

Both also equally powered with android operating system 8.1 Oreo. The difference, for R15 OPPO carrying only P60 Helio Mediatek chipset type. While the R15 OPPO Pro has provided with 660 Snapdragon chipset.

The camera and battery

On the component that most consider this OPPO R15 or OPPO R15 Pro similar at a glance also tablets. Both products are equally equipped with dual rear camera resolution 16MP and front camera with resolution 20MP.

The difference, to OPPO R15 plus features only 5MP camera which can be used with f/2.2. For OPPO R15 Pro, the user will be pampered with a feature plus 20MP camera f/1.7.

As for the battery capacity, the battery capacity Oppo R15 brought 3,450 mAh. This 50 mAh capacity larger than what brought Oppo R15 Pro with 3,400 mAh.