Oppo R17 Pro User Manual PDF

Oppo R17 Pro User Manual PDF

support download manual guideĀ Oppo R17 Pro

Oppo R17 Pro Support manual guide Download

OPPO R17 support manual– basically regular version was released on August 18, yesterday in China. But now presents a new model of the OPPO with the addition of the name of a PRO behind him, R17 OPPO PRO.

By design may be the same as its regular version, is by having tiny V-shaped notch likened like drops of water. R17 Pro also adopted some features highlights from his brother, including a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen. However there is the addition of a camera is visible here. OPPO seems to pin triple-cam, aka three cameras on the back.

But it is not clear whether the third camera will be used as a great power in terms of photography as in Huawei P20 Pro, or task Time-of-Flight (ToF) such as the reader’s face on a smartphone iPhone X or Find X should be but isn’t. placed at the front if it is used as a face reader?

But quietly, some time in the future, we will know the answer when this device was officially released.

Another leak revealed that this device would have a better chipset support from regular R17. OPPO seems will equip R17 Pro with Snapdragon 710. This company seems to want to keep the price affordable by Snapdragon 710 and don’t use Snapdragon 845 but upholding the feasibility and high performance. Chipsets SnapdragonĀ 710 is also not bad.