Oppo R9s – R9s Plus User Manual PDF

Oppo R9s – R9s Plus User Manual PDF


Oppo R9s – Oppo R9s Plus manual

Oppo R9s – Oppo R9s Plus manual – Oppo officially launched Android duet R9s and R9s Plus in Beijing, China. Both are of the series the Rohrbaugh R9 and Rohrbaugh R9 Plus output March 2016.

Appropriate leakage that circulated before, good R9s and R9s Plus each provided the camera with a 16 MP resolution sensor to the main camera (back) and front camera (selfie). The Lens any openings wide enough, is f/1.7 (back) and F/2.0 (front).

Other embedded technologies to increase quality and R9s R9s camera Plus, such as optical image stabilization (OIS), video recording and LED flash, 4K.

Focus camera is said to be more qualified thanks to the dual-technology focus. Arrests focus claimed 40 percent faster than if using phase detection autofocus, as reported GSMArena Thursday (20/10/2016).

Then what distinguishes R9s and R9s Plus?

First, most seem to be seen from the size of a cell phone. R9s felt enough with 5.5 inch screen, while the variants Plus is designed with a larger screen, which is 6 inches. Each screen 1080 p resolution.

In terms of hardware, the Snapdragon chipset is still using R9s 625 as its predecessor. Meanwhile, Plus variants already diotaki 653 new Snapdragon chipset slid a few days ago.

RAM and battery capacity are also different. R9s given 4 GB of RAM and battery 3,010 mAh. More mighty Plus variant with 6 GB RAM and battery 4,000 mAh. Both are same-capacity internal memory, which is 64 GB.

Both runs on the Android operating system 6.0.1 with artificial Oppo ColorOS 3.0 interface yourself.

With such specifications, R9s sold 2,899 Yuan. The community can already buy China phones it on 28 October.

Meanwhile, the price is cheaper Plus R9s 3,499 Yuan. For this variant, the Chinese community has to wait longer until December 2016.

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