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support manual Oppo Reno

Oppo Reno User Guide PDF Download

Oppo Reno manual – Reno looks like premium mobile phone will be the next Oppo. Because this phone is provided similar features owned Galaxy S10 5G.

This phone is mentioned will carry the Dynamic screen AMOLED with support HDR+. As we know the type of the screen used in mobile phone upgrade for Samsung and was awarded as the best current screen technology.

The fingerprint sensor on the screen takes part owned this phone. But it is not known whether using Qualcomm’s proprietary ultrasonic technology as used in Galaxy S10 and S10 +

Reno would support any connection 5G. This sebeneranya is already alluded to in the 2003 MWC 2019 some time ago. At that time his name didn’t mention the Oppo, but make sure if the device would provided modem Snapdragon X 50.

But not there only advantages offered Reno. Like previous leakage, this phone will pin the three cameras on the back.

Oppo now known to pair a Sony UMX586 sensor measuring 48 MP as well as have a dual aperture (f/1.5 and f/2.4) in the main camera.

This Chinese origin vendor undertook to put camera ultra-wide 120 degree FoV. Don’t miss the camera Tech 10 x Zoom from Lossless 16 mm to 160 mm participated and pinned. Don’t miss the Oppo equip x-axis to dampen vibration. Previously circulated Reno powered Snapdragon 710.

Because the latest information revealing the Oppo prepare more good spec with Reno. Powered by Snapdragon 855 with three options of 8 GB of RAM, 10 GB and 12 GB. Its internal memory capacity of 256 GB 2.1 UFS.

Battery mAh 4,065 join immersed with Super 50W charging VOOC 4.0. A special variant of the Reno 5G, battery more jumbo, 5,000 mAh.

12 GB of RAM embedded in it. Then there’s the memory capacity 512 GB 3.0 UFS participated and brought together 5,000 battery mAh. This makes the price would be more expensive than others.

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