Razer Phone User Manual PDF

Razer Phone User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Razer Phone

Razer Phone User Manual Download

Reviews Razer Phone – Razer finally unveiled Android phone, who devoted to gamers. The price of the phone is $700.

Razer Phone is a cell phone with a 5.7-inch 1440p that have unique features. is refresh rate that varies, a maximum of 120, as the latest Pro iPad. The phone specs are the same as the previous one was already rumored.

Processors is Snapdragon 835 with RAM 8 GB and 64 GB storage and can be expanded using MicroSD. Two speakers in front support Dolby Atmos, as well as the battery capacity of 4,000 mAh.

Matter of the camera, there are two 12 megapixel camera on the back of the system such as the iPhone. Is one camera with a normal lens f/1.8 and a camera with telephoto lens f/2.6. Oh yes, the Razer Phone also does not have a 3.5 mm audio port.

The design of the Razer Phone looks the same style embraced by mobile phone Nextbit Robin, namely body box with angles everywhere. Reasonable indeed, because the Razer already acquired Nextbit on some time ago.

Mobile phones for gamers?

Despite calling this phone as a phone for gamers, there’s actually not much difference Razer Phone with various existing flagship mobile phone on the market. Because there is no feature that does really make this mobile phone can be referred to as mobile phones for gamers.

Indeed, there’s a feature Game Booster embedded into mobile phones, that will get the power of the mobile phone application for games that are being played. However this feature is commonly available in a number of other phones.

However, the Razer mentions this phone had a cooling system that is most flattering. They use the phone body made of metal to serve as heatsinks drain heat from within the body of the phone. Consequently, the games will be played with the best quality and for a long time.

Perhaps the feature that is really useful for gamers is artificial IGZO Sharp panel used Razer Phone. This Panel had a frame rate that can be arranged reaching 120. This makes the animations in the game looks very smooth.

When it does not require a high refresh rate, the mobile phone will change the settings of the refresh rate becomes lower, which makes its power consumption is also more efficient, as quoted from The Verge, Thursday (2/11/2017).

With prices as high as it is, the Razer Phone directly confronted with a number of other vendors-made flagship phones that already poor transverse in the cellphone business, Samsung, LG, and more. And most of the mobile phone competitors Razer Phone have one advantage, namely thin-framed screen.