Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 User Manual PDF


Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

download user’s guide PDF Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 User Manual PDF Download

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S series also got A Galaxy series which continues to be updated annually. And based on most brand new news, revealed the specifications designate pinned on Galaxy A7 (2017).

Design Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

Talk series Samsung Galaxy A, equip it with three models, namely the A3, A5, and A7. Still the same as the previous generation, the ranks of the Galaxy has called this latest A7 bodi materials combination of glass and metal.

Switch to the Galaxy A7, this phone has a screen measuring 5.7 inch. Samsung reportedly make this waterproof cell phone like Galaxy S7.

It’s just that, for the most expensive models, namely A7 (2017), this device comes with a feature water resistant (water resist) IP68 certified. This certification was previously used on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Thus, users of Galaxy A7 (2017) later do not need to worry about a mobile phone fall into the water.

Camera / Battery Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

In addition, to accommodate the taking of photos, the Samsung rear camera with lens easily pin 16 MP. Resolution 16 MP in the front part of the camera with the opening of f/1.9. Galaxy A7 immersed power battery with 3600 mAh, thin smartphone with the hosts losing Xiaomi which has power to 4,100 mAh.

Hardware Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

Then how about the kitchen was? Quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (20/11/2016), a mobile phone with landscape screen 5.7 inch Super AMOLED Full HD it is reinforced with Exynos chipset 7870 octa-core. The performance of this chipset later will also be reinforced with 3 GB of RAM. Used with the OS Android 7.0 Nougat