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Samsung Galaxy A8s User Manual Download

Samsung Galaxy A8s manual – Samsung announced it will show off Galaxy A8s a week earlier on 10 December.

The fight for first introduced the first smartphone with a perforated screen had already started since late November. With the announcement of this Samsung Galaxy A8s did have a chance to be the first instead of Huawei, but that could be changing.

Hollow artificial screen Smartphone with Samsung and Huawei, both use LCD screens made by the BOE, but Samsung Galaxy A8s is the most premium of both.

Samsung Galaxy A8s estimated would have a 6.3-inch 2340×1080 LCD screen, 19.5:9, 710 Snapdragon with up to 6 GB of Ram, camera selfie 24MP embedded in the screen and the camera at the back three possibilities and ultra-wide accompanied with the camera depth of field.