Samsung Galaxy A9 (2017) User Manual PDF


Samsung Galaxy A9 (2017) User Manual PDF


Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9200 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (SM-A9200) manual – Although the middle of working on the process of recall Galaxy Note 7 globally. Samsung seems to be embedded in one single market segment only. This proved the existence of an information circulated stating that Samsung plans release of Galaxy A9 Edition of 2017.

Previously, cell phone Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 2017 version has also been circulating and has been officially confirmed by Samsung. Because the third mobile phone is still in the stage of production and testing. In fact, the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) also had leaked through the Benchmarks. Within this site revealed that later these phones will carry the screen size 5.2 inch, 3 GB RAM and Chipset brings the 7880 Exynos SoC for the hardware was.

And now, a rumor that circulated in China mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Middle busy preparing another series of 2017 third mobile phone (A3, A5 and A7).

Rumors are also reinforced by the presence of leakage in a well-known social media site in China, which said that Weibo Galaxy A9 (2017) is currently in the stage of manufacture. Unfortunately it is not explained in detail about the news. Based on that report, smartphone Galaxy A9 (2017) seems to be carrying the SM-A9200 model.

This year, Samsung released the mobile Galaxy A9 into two variants. The smaller variants carrying the name Galaxy A9 (2016), while for the more bongsor variants carry code name A9 Pro (2016). In addition to differences in names, both phones also has price differences and specifications that are significant enough.

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Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9000 User’s Manual Pdf Download
Samsung Galaxy A9 SM-A9200 (2017) User’s Manual Pdf Download