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Samsung Galaxy A90 User Manual Download

Samsung Galaxy A90 manual – SAMSUNG reportedly will add a new line in the same series i.e. Galaxy A90 after launching a new line of Galaxy serie Galaxy A is A30 and A50 earlier this week in India.

Different from the A30 and the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy A50, a new product is claimed to have an innovative concept. Samsung will use different camera design compared to the ranks of A Galaxy series before.

The Galaxy camera A90 reportedly will be designed with mechanical ‘ sliding ‘ which is similar to a Chinese origin is Oppo smartphone Find x. Concept it fits the strategy of Samsung smartphone vendors who intend his secondary class with cutting-edge technology.

There is a rumor mentioned, the camera would be outfitted with the A90 Galaxy mechanism slider. Not only that, the camera it is also possible to spin. That is, this phone does not require a separate camera both front and back.

So users will be able to more easily target the object before him or air-selfie.

But unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation of this rumor Samsung related. Reportedly the previous mention Samsung Galaxy A90 will have camera pop-up display with no-notch. This means that Galaxy will display A90 wider screen.