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Samsung Galaxy Fold User Manual Download

Samsung Galaxy Fold manual – Mobile phone Samsung-made folding into a device that is eagerly anticipated its existence in 2019. Interestingly, the latest news regarding the phone back up. Phones that reportedly will be named the Galaxy Fold is said to be carrying three cameras behind, not just two as reported earlier.

Offered from pages Slash Gear, Thursday (3/1/2019) if the leakage is true, then the folding cell phones will be the next device that comes with three cameras in 2019. Reportedly, the mobile phone Samsung, Galaxy flagship S10 will also have three cameras.

Folding phone is expected to be high priced. This would seem to be a luxury product. While three cameras are slowly becoming more common, where they are still much more expensive than the dual sensor.

The report did not explain in detail what kind of cell phone three camera, but refers to the Galaxy A7, cell phone camera, Samsung’s first triple. It incorporates a camera, camera angle usual telefhoto ultra wide, and depth of the sensor.

Unfortunately, there is no mention about the front camera. Given the design of the device, it will certainly need a camera on both sides. If it comes in a dual-sensor settings, then it is likely the price will be more expensive.