Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace User Manual Pdf

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace User Manual Pdf

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace USER MANUAL PDF


Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace User Manual Pdf – Samsung has indeed been long known only use plastic as a material for his cell phone. Alpha Galaxy, followed by the S6 and S6 Edge is a mobile phone Samsung-made first use of a more material premium.

However, because the Galaxy is indeed aimed at Ace J1 among beginners, Samsung used a plastic material to bodinya. Bodi J1 Ace thick, with a design typical of Samsung with grooves, rounded at the corners, the physical home button and the camera and flash on the back.

Ergonomically, J1 Ace quite comfortable gripped, even with one hand. It’s just that, since its screen is small, maybe some people will be difficult to type on the phone, especially if you have a relatively large RADIUS.

When viewing the Galaxy interface J1 Ace, clearly visible that it is smartphone beginner class. The interface looks stiff and less attractive. In fact, competitors Samsung managed to make smartphone in the same class with an interface more attractive. Call it A6000 belonging to Lenovo or Xiaomi with Redmi 2.

With the back camera 5MP and 2MP front camera, I feel the results of photos from Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace looks a bit grainy, even when I didn’t do a zoom. Funny thing is, even though the Galaxy J1 Ace can only play videos on 360p, but it can be used to record 720 p video.

The other problem I found when I use Galaxy J1 Ace to watch videos on YouTube. Galaxy J1 Ace can only be used to watch video with a resolution of 360p. For people who have just moved into a smartphone after using the feature phone, maybe this isn’t a big deal, especially because the screens from the Galaxy’s own small indeed Ace J1.

Again, Samsung’s competitors managed to offer a screen with better resolution in the same class. Redmi 2 for example, can already watch video at 720 p resolution.

Smartphones have become a very personal gadgets. Smartphones are suitable for You really depends on what you need and what you want. If you are a fan of Samsung and don’t mind the performance is not too qualified, Galaxy J1 Ace suited to you.