Samsung Galaxy K Zoom User Manual Pdf

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom User Manual Pdf

Sam Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom User Manual Pdf

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a smartphone made ​​by Samsung that combines top-class digital camera technology in mobile devices, it makes the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom attractive for the photography hobbyist.

Under the Indo Daily observations of various online media (Sunday, 09/21/2014), price of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom to [end of September 2014 period was stable at around $ 450.

If you view the specifications of Samsung Galaxy K dibesut Zoom, is a mainstay of course comes from the camera feature. Equipped with a CMOS sensor camera lens ½.3 “which has a resolution of 20.7 MP (5248 × 3936 pixels), optical zoom up to 10x (24-240 mm), and do not miss equipped with auto / manual focus and OIS.

Moreover, with the addition of Xenon and LED Flash, Zoom makes Galaxy K can be relied upon to capture images in any conditions, even in places with poor lighting. Meanwhile, the front camera is also quite capable with 2 MP resolution lens which is capable of supporting air-selfie hobby.

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