Samsung Galaxy Note 8 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

download manual PDF Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 User Guide Download

Galaxy S8 managed to steal the attention of connoisseurs of gadgets. Samsung’s good name back shining post got bad because of incidents of Galaxy Note 7 are prone to explode.

Not finished cheering for Galaxy S8, now community proffered with “refresher” is Galaxy Note 8. Leakage flagship jumbo sailing it started many on the internet.

From the photo that circulated, Galaxy Note 8 looks identical to Galaxy S8. Both are equally carry the design without bezel which named Samsung as “Infinity Display”.


Galaxy Note 8 in fact looks more like the Galaxy screen Plus S8 is wider than the standard Variant. It’s just that, as before, the Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with a digital pencil “S-Pen” typical Samsung.

Not just a question of existence, rumors of Galaxy features and specifications Note 8 began criticised TechTimes, as reported, Monday (10/4/2017).

Expected features include dual camera, fingerprint scanner, and Bixby digital assistant like the one in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.


For specifications, Galaxy Note 8 predicted will collect the premium components. The “processor” of his allegedly powerful wear Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895.

Then RAM and memory capacity of each of the 6 GB and 256 GB. If it is still lacking, there is a microSD slot which is prepared.

Any screen is said to be already supports the vision, targeting, and 4K recording. His S Pen would be increased so that more sophisticated than embedded on the Galaxy Note 7.

Release Date

Various leakage has not justified the Samsung. Valid or whether information circulated recently can be known when Galaxy Note 8 really released the next few months.