Samsung Galaxy Note FE User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note FE User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy Note FE

download manual PDF Samsung Galaxy Note FE (SM-N935F/DS)

Samsung Galaxy Note FE User Guide Download

Familiar with the name Samsung Galaxy Note FE? Definitely not right? Yep, because this is the official name of Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished previously said would be named Galaxy Note 7R.

This phone seems to be deliberately different named with a unique and more interesting, in order to attract consumer interest further. Or indeed Samsung doesn’t want to lose consumers who are still traumatized by the name Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy FE himself reportedly would present with model number SM-N935 and reportedly this phone will soon be established in Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE release date

This news was confirmed by other leakage appears after, which says that Note 7 Refurbished or Galaxy Note FE will be unveiled in late June.

Basically there is no change in the Galaxy Note FE than Note 7 before. At least for the specification other than the battery.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy cause the hit of Note 7 was formerly battery size that fills the inside of the phone, and leaves room not with other components.

Well, to circumvent this, Samsung decided to trim capacity battery Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished or Note This being only 3200 FE mAh only.

Despite its smaller capacity, however this phone promises a longer durability, with the help of a qualified system software and different themes.