Samsung Galaxy ON 5 User Manual Pdf

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Samsung Galaxy ON 5 User Manual Pdf

Samsung Galaxy ON 7

Samsung Galaxy ON 5 (BC-G550) User Manual Pdf


Samsung Galaxy ON 5 User Manual Pdf – The smartphone world competition getting tougher seems forced Samsung to make smartphones more affordable. After Samsung Galaxy J1, now South Korea’s own vendor Galaxy On5 and On7.

Two smartphone is still not officially announced by Samsung, but both had already appeared on the pages of Samsung India. But only the Galaxy only On5 has its full image.

Galaxy On5 Galaxy look similar to J1, but arch angles Galaxy On5 look shorter. As a result, this smartphone looks more ‘ box ‘.

Another difference is visible at the front of the camera. Camera selfie Galaxy is located in the right part On5, while Galaxy J1 is on the left.

Further to the question of its specifications, Galaxy and Galaxy On5 On7 comes with some of the same features, such as quad-core processors Exynos 3475, OS Android, LTE, Lollipop front camera 5 MP, RAM 1 GB, 8 GB internal memory, and microSD card support.

The difference is, the larger Galaxy On7 performed because it has 720 pixels screen size is 5.5 inches. A little bigger than a 5-inch screen compared to the proprietary On5 (who also wears the panel 720 pixels). In addition, the features main camera On7 13 MP, where as On5 only 8 MP.

Different specifications it makes Galaxy On7 sold more expensive, the production was around USD 200. On the other hand, Samsung offers Galaxy On5 designate at USD 150. Both predicted soon launched in India in the coming weeks.

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