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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Manual Guide Download

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G manual – Galaxy S10 5G art is a variant of the Galaxy phone-line member of the S10. In addition to the 5G connectivity, the phone specifications higher than Galaxy S10 Plus.

Screen Galaxy S10 5G, for example, measuring 6.7 inches, bigger than the S10 Plus Galaxy 6.4 inches wide. The battery is also larger, with a capacity of 4,500 mAh, compared to 4,100 mAh on Galaxy S10 Plus.

In addition, Galaxy S10 5G bandwagon provided camera Time-of-Flight (ToF) on the front and the rear to support the scenario of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) made possible by high-speed 5G networks.

As summarised from Sam Mobile, Tuesday (2/4/2019), Samsung Galaxy S10 5G would be sold at the cheapest prices 1.39 million won with 256 GB of internal storage features. While, for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with 512 GB of internal storage variant, called the price is reached 1.55 million won.

As a comparison, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512 GB variants are sold at $1,249. But the estimated price Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in other countries will vary.

According to the South Korea news site, Yonhap News, Samsung has ensured that the Smartphones Galaxy S10 5G were to be released in South Korea on April 5.