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Samsung Galaxy S10e Manual Guide Download

Samsung Galaxy S10e manual – To keep the price more affordable on the S10e, Samsung Galaxy should reduce some of the features found on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. One example is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner features in the display that is not found on the Galaxy S10e.

Reported by Phonearena, Mon (1/4/2019), instead, biometric readers are found on the side of the phone. In addition, the model with the cheapest price is also not have curved edges of the screen.

Users also find that the phone only has a dual camera at the back rather than a trio of cameras that are found on two other mobile phone models.

According to SlashGear, heart rate monitor features that were found on two of the more expensive unit is not found on the Galaxy S10e. However, there is reportedly a third party application that will work with the camera to produce S10e Galaxy heart rate readout.

When this application is installed, the user put his finger on the S10e Galaxy camera for a few seconds and the heart rate numbers will appear on the screen. The Mayo Clinic says that a normal heart will beat 60 to 100 times per minute. If Your heart rate is always in the top 100, you should probably consult a doctor.

Samsung Galaxy Super AMOLED screens have a S10e 5.8 inches, 128 GB storage and reportedly priced at $749.99. While the Galaxy S10, with 6.1-inch AMLED Super screen and 128 GB of storage has a MSRP of $899.99.

For Galaxy S10+ is equipped with a Super AMOLED screen is 6.4 inches, 128 GB of storage and the recommended price of $999.99.