Samsung Galaxy S4 User Manual Pdf

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Samsung Galaxy S4 User Manual Pdf

Samsung G S 4

Samsung Galaxy S4 User Manual Pdf – In addition to offering advanced technology, a number of smart phones now offers a variety of internal storage memory options are diverse. Some manufacturers provide a choice of internal memory capacity for premium smartphones, ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB.

Although it offers a roomy storage capacity, in fact, a buyer is not necessarily obtain the same amount of memory. Given the number of applications and excellent features already embedded and of course the phone’s internal memory consuming itself.

But do you know if a manufacturer turns playing `curang` since leaving only limited storage space for its users. At least a research conducted by a British website, Which indicates if eight handsets with a capacity of 16 GB turned out to offer a ‘residual’ varying storage capacities.

Eighth handsets that have been tested, among others, the iPhone 5C, Nexus 5, iPhone 5S, Sony Xperia Z1, Z30 BlackBerry, HTC One Mini, LG G2, and Samsung Galaxy S4. The result Apple was the most honest among its competitors in providing storage capacity for both new handset.

iPhone 5S and 5C each give ‘breath’ is greater than the rival with the remaining memory and 12.60 GB 12.20 GB. 79% allocation of storage offered to the user’s iPhone version makes it superior to other smart phones.

As for smart phones based on Android, the Google Nexus 5 is included in the green robot based phones most left with 12.28 GB of internal memory. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 into the mobile phones are in bottom since leaving only 8.56 GB of memory.

South Korean companies are using more than 50% of the phone’s internal memory to a number of features like TouchWiz interface, eye-scrolling feature and a number of other features that turned out to be ‘hungry’ will be a memory. Furthermore, although a number of phone calls Which has been equipped with the presence of an external memory slot, but the performance is not as good as the internal memory.

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