Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus User Manual Pdf

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus User Manual Pdf

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus User Manual – Today we get a picture of the form rendering design smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. In terms of design is not too much changed compared with the S6. This information is itself sourced from ITSkins, makers of mobile phone accessories company parties that already get details of how to form Galaxy, as reported by the S7 from GSMArena, Monday (7/12/2015).

Seen from the front, the change is clearly located on the button “home” now rectangular, unlike the rounded S6 Galaxy. Sensors-sensors also are still at the same position, except the camera slightly to the front edge. Whereas if viewed from behind, the main camera position is absolutely unchanged. Similarly, with the right side, top and bottom. However the left side slots SIM been relocated further down.

The image above is a design for two variants of Samsung Galaxy S7, that Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus the same dimensional 143.37 x 70.8 x 6.94 mm and 163.32 x 82.01 x 7.82 mm. However mentioned that variants Plus will have the widest 6 inches wide screen. But of course, this information is not entirely correct. But if it is true, then this will make the series Note be “shrunk” for as long as it uses the screen-sized 5.7 inch.

Unfortunately, there is no word yet on a variant of “edge” of the Galaxy S7, probably would be launched in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 6.

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