Samsung Galaxy S9 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy S9 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy S9 concept

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Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide PDF Download
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Samsung Galaxy S8 already coasting, which means the task of farming out the Samsung to a mainstay this year has been completed. Live Galaxy Note 8 which will present more or less in the second half of 2017.

But apparently not only Note 8 to think about by Samsung. Snapper cell phone other successor S8, namely the Samsung Galaxy S9 also would overload the mainstay engineers thought some Samsung this time.

Yep, the succession of their flagship is reportedly already began to be developed. And now we’ve found out about a little information from the snapper.

In this development, Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly code-named “Star”. This more or less describes the codename that the Galaxy is not a cell phone upcoming S9 indiscriminate and will shine with new and innovative features Samsung’s mainstay.

Yes, though not always however codename embedded on a smartphone typically describe a little characteristics of mobile phones.

The ruling upholds the S8 Galaxy codename ‘ Dream ‘ Project which, according to Kim Hye-Deok who was the executive director of product strategy team Samsung is the embodiment of the dream of Samsung to be able to “go beyond the Apple.”

So it’s no wonder if the codename “Star” and “the Star 2” which claimed to be two variants of the upcoming phones Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will offer the features, specifications and innovations are different. Functions such as foldable phone.

Indeed not only that the reason why Samsung to develop the Galaxy earlier S9. First they clearly do not want the same events with Galaxy Note 7 return repeated.

At least, with the extended testing time limits, they will be more freely do a check if there are errors or damage to their products.

In addition, if you want to carry the same design as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, then Samsung will also have to find a way to move the scanner the fingerprint sensor to place as soon as possible.