Samsung Galaxy View User Manual Pdf

Samsung Galaxy View Pdf User Manual

Samsung Galaxy View

Samsung Galaxy View (SM-T677A) USER MANUAL PDF


Samsung Galaxy View USB Drivers 15 MB


Samsung Galaxy View Pdf User Manual –¬†After rumored to designate new handsets released in the past month, Samsung introduces its newest products namely Galaxy tablet trend View pro.

Reported by Mobileburn, Wednesday (27/10/2015), this tablet is an answer to the country of origin manufacturer of Ginseng for “pro” variant of a trend that was already occupied by the tablet Surface Pro 4 and Apple iPad Pro.

Unlike other units, Samsung Galaxy View comes with the screen sized 18.4 inches. If observed, at first glance this handset looks to have the premium design, as an alternative to a laptop/PC in terms of minimal size.

On the other hand, some retailers (retailers) United States (US) has seen a price list for the Galaxy View on their website. The handset dibanderol $599.

This tablet is claimed will enter the entry level class with 32 GB memory capacity which already integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Unfortunately, retailers still have yet to say when Galaxy View will be released, and are still waiting for the official release date of when.