Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition User Manual Download

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Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition User Manual Download

Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition
Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition manual

Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition reviews – Samsung has just launched its newest phone, the Z3 Corporate Edition in Russia. Launch the smartphone also since run Tizen certified or Linux-based operating system.

Offered from Geeky Gadgets, Thursday (29/6), this latest Samsung smartphone comes with a model that is not much different from its predecessor. Only have difference in processor Qualcomm MSM8916 and 4G LTE network.

The only company delivering the details above, and it is possible to be delivered next month. Samsung have reported price of $ 260. Mobile phones that can be purchased in the whole store retailers that exist in Russia.

This new variant was launched in Russia, and are slightly different from the original Z3 Samsung official made in India. This phone would be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset equipped 410 MSM8916 with 4G LTE support features and get a certificate for SECURE business from the regional agency for Russia.

There is the comparison far enough between the Samsung model Z3 and Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition. on the processor, where the original Z3 Model wearing Spreadtrum chipset, while this new model using artificial Qualcomm chipsets. The chip used a Samsung Z3 also just be compatible with 3G network only, absolutely can not use a 4G technology.

download user guide Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition

Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition User Manual Download
Samsung Z3 Corporate Edition Manual Support

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