Sony Walksman ZX2 Price

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Sony Walksman ZX2 Price

Sony Walksman ZX2

Sony Walksman ZX2 Price –¬†Sony is trying to revive the Walkman. They have just released a series ZX2, Android-based Walkman supports high resolution audio, and equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

If at first glance, looks like a smartphone Walkman ZX2 thick with wide touch screen. Its function is similar to the iPod Touch because it also can access applications through the Android Play Store.

However, its main advantage is the S-Master HX processor, which can produce high-resolution audio. To listen to it, of course you’ll need headphones or speakers that also supports high-resolution audio.

Sony said, ZX2 battery can last up to 60 hours. Available 128GB storage to store your song collection. With such greatness, worth if Sony Walkman ZX2 price for $1,199.99.

Download Sony Walksman ZX2 User Guide Pdf

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