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Sony Xperia XZ3 manual – News of Sony’s new flagship phone for directing already up in the ear since some last week. Now the phone is starting to assert himself in the virtual world.

But it’s not physical, but rather in the form of test data on the website of Geekbench. A coded device H8526 just tested performance. It is believed this is the mobile phone from the Xperia XZ3 product line.

It refers to the name of the series of its predecessor, the XZ2 had codenamed H81XX ~ H83XX. So it’s most likely code Xperia XZ3 starting from the name H84XX. Is there any model that fits on Geekbench, it could be is the Xperia XZ3 Pro or XZ3 Premium.

But even more interesting is the supplies that owned this phone later. Sony pin processor Snapdragon 855 and RAM 8 GB. No wonder the results of your test score is very high.

On a single core test values obtained 3,033. While in the multi-core test penetrate value 10,992. This score is 30% higher compared to nicks Snapdragon 845 and becomes the highest in the Geekbench.

According to the news of Xperia XZ3 designate introduced event IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The event will take place at the end of August to early September, as reported by of Gizchina, Tuesday (3/7/2018).