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support manual guide Vivo NEX 2

Vivo NEX 2 User Manual Download

VIVO NEX 2 will have 6 (six) of black technology. The sixth such technology is the intelligent starlight, suspended particles in photos, triple-engine-super camera, glove mode support for gaming, dual-brain robots, and 3D beauty face-lifting devices.

Giz China, Thursday page (6/12/2018), reporting, read the language looks like we will be dealing with something that is not reasonable. But it’s not hard to guess what is meant by this black technology in particular, namely the camera back, the beauty of liquid coolers, 3D, etc.

According to previous reports, the front and back of the dual screen version of VIVO NEX aka VIVO NEX 2 have the earpiece. In addition to the original main screen on the front, there’s also a 5.5-inch screen on the back. Not only that, this version of VIVO NEX dual-screen also supports functions Slide the screen three fingers.

The Dual-Screen version of the VIVO NEX also will be equipped with three camera module rear. This is the first camera of the three flagship companies. Of course, this will support the introduction of fingerprints on the screen. So this also became the first double-screen smartphone that supports those features.

In terms of the core configuration, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon equipped phone 845. At the same time, it is possible to bring a Dual-Turbo acceleration engine developed by VIVO himself. Unfortunately, this will not support Snapdragon 855.

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