Vivo X9s – Vivo X9s Plus User Manual PDF


Vivo X9s – Vivo X9s Plus User Manual PDF

Vivo X9s and X9s Plus

download manual PDF Vivo X9s and Vivo X9s Plus

Vivo X9s Plus User Manual Download
Vivo X9s User Manual Download

Vivo will launch type X9s and X9s Plus on July 6, but the company has given the devices a Plus-sized to the press. The device will be equipped with dual camera settings on the front (20 MP + 5 MP) and comes in three colors: Pink, Gold, or Matte Black.

X9s Plus has some differences with the X9 and X9 Plus. The antenna follow the curvature of the rear panel. Camera with LED flash is in the upper left corner.


The front of the device will be white to Pink and Gold versions, as well as black to Matte Black version. Earlier reports said, a series of X9s will have 660 Snapdragon chipsets. X9s Plus-sized display screen has 5.85 inches, while the smaller-sized X9s, namely 5.5 inch.

Release Date

Vivo confirm, series X9s available for preorder at until July 7. Later, on July 8, the first sale will commence.

From the look of the images presented, Vivo X9s Plus looks similar to X9 or X9 Plus with a little difference. Look this smartphone antenna band formed in such a way following the Arch of the back panel. There is also a rear camera sensor accompanied LED flash in the top left hand corner of the back.

Camera and Processor

Either X9s or X9s Plus called will be powered by a Snapdragon 660. Just on the side of the screen, both of which did indeed bring differences, where X9s Plus will be packed with 5.85 inches screen, while X9s has a 5.5 inch screen. On sector a moment, Vivo X9s Plus will feature dual-fed camera ahead (20 MP + 5 MP).