Xiaomi Mi 5s User Manual PDF


Xiaomi Mi 5s User Manual PDF


Xiaomi Mi 5s manual

Xiaomi Mi 5s manual – A teaser image estimated as Xiaomi Mi 5s and 5s Plus Mi Xiaomi circulating on the internet. This completes the picture of a number of the latest smartphone-related rumors that have been circulating previously Xiaomi.

One of the rumours mentions, this Smartphone will carry different names, is Xiaomi Mi Note s. Image teaser released Xiaomi displays Xiaomi Mi 5s will be present with a body made of ceramics, such as reports of Phone Arena.

In addition, these pictures also indicate this Smartphone will be present with the back of a tapered design, which can also be found in its predecessor, Xiaomi Mi 5. Xiaomi, CEO Lei Jun also released sample camera from Mi 5s.

Samples of the camera reported is different from the rumors that circulated before the camera support related Xiaomi Mi 5s. This device is rumored to be present with 16MP camera OIS-Tech 4-axis, PDAF and aperture f/1.8.

Moreover, rumors are circulating calls, Xiaomi Mi 5s will be supported by a dual camera in the back of the device. These smartphones will greet the market in two versions, namely the Mi 5s and 5s Plus, similar to the Apple products that comply with the nickname Xiaomi as Apple from the East.

Previously, the outstanding information application AnTuTu benchmark test values for the device named Xiaomi Mi 5s, the device obtains the value of 164,000. This device also reportedly armed with high-end-class specifications, one processor Qualcomm’s flagship series.

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