Xiaomi Mi 6 User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi 6 User Manual PDF


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download user’s manual PDF Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6 Intructions Manual Pdf Download

Global vendors are preparing each of the compromised smartphones to compete in 2017. Call it Microsoft who are now starting to get back on track the smartphone device through the competition Surface.

Xiaomi Mi 6 release date

Prepared to become the mainstay mobile phone, Microsoft is reported to provide Surface Phone processor Snapdragon 835 who will glide in 2017.

However, he was not alone. Competitors from the land of Bamboo Curtain, Xiaomi, also rumored to be having the same processor samrtphone.

Hardware Xiaomi Mi 6

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Sunday (27/11/2016), these reports come from the CEO researchers market IHS, Kevin Wong. He predicts the presence of 835 Snapdragon chipsets will be embedded in the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6.

Wong, also said that the presence of the smartphone will be released at an event in 2017. Thus, in addition to Surface Phone there will be Xiaomi Mi 5 using Snapdragon 835.

Unfortunately, when discussing the question of other specs, Wong could not dare to reveal more about the details of a successor to Xiaomi Mi 5.

Update Xiaomi Mi 6

Interesting things look when peeking inside the part behind it. The design carried 5 Mi nice already changed so much simpler. There are no more grooves at the sides of the previously successful make Mi 5 so invisible premium.

MI 6 contrived more calm by Xiaomi. This Chinese manufacturers now design offered a glimpse of even similar to the iPhone’s 7. The difference is in the Apple cell phone no more accent horizontal bands on the upper and lower body behind it. While Mi 6 still believe with the ‘ sweeteners ‘.

Talk specification, Mi 6 promising 835 Snapdragon processor usage. Besides its internal memory options remain very large, i.e. 128 GB and 256 GB. Although this time that appears is black, Mi 6 allegedly will also cut two other color options, including white and blue.

As for the launch will be conducted called Xiaomi coming in February. Open the possibility of Mi 6 was announced along with the title of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, 2017.