Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer and Mi 8 SE User Manual PDF


Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer and Mi 8 SE User Manual PDF

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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE User Support Download

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer and Mi 8 SE manual – Xiaomi has just launched its new flagship phone, the Mi 8. This is the first mobile phone equipped Xiaomi notch or bangs. MI 8 has an OLED display was 6.21 inches Samsung-made. On the fringe, there is a camera with a resolution of selfie 20MP.

This mobile phone has an aluminium and glass curved body on all four sides. Related specifications, Mi 8 have a Snapdragon processor as 845. Two rear camera with a 12MP resolution managed to get the score 105 in DxOMark.

Xiaomi said, Mi 8 is also the first mobile phone that uses a dual-frequency GPS, which should provide the location information of users with more accurate.

As mentioned by The Verge, phone lines under the flagship of Mi Xiaomi usually offers smartphone with high specs at an affordable price. In China, Mi 8 sold CNY 2.699, much cheaper when compared with other flagship Smartphones that use Snapdragon 845.

Xiaomi also launched Mi 8 Explorer Edition, which features a variety of the latest mobile phone technology such as fingerprint sensors on the screen. This is the first fingerprint sensor that can detect the pressure sensitivity.

Xiaomi claimed, Mi 8 Explorer Edition is also the first Android that uses 3D face recognition technology, like a Face ID property of iPhone X. This phone also features a similar Animoji. One thing that is quite interesting from the Explorer Edition is it has a transparent backside. Mi 8 Explorer Edition will be sold starting from CNY 3.699.

Lastly, Xiaomi also launched Mi 8 SE, version is smaller and cheaper than Mi 8. Phones that mimic the naming used by Apple this is the first phone that uses the processor Snapdragon 710. MI 8 SE has a 5.88-inch OLED screen.

Snapdragon 710 rumored can save 30 percent power when compared to the previous generation of 660 Snapdragon. In addition, this new processor also mentioned giving 20 percent better performance. MI 8 SE appreciated CNY 1,799.