Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Support Guide

support guide Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 User Manual Download

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 support – Xiaomi prepares launch for latest devices, Mi Band 4. These wearable devices would be launched this year.

As is known, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 official present in Indonesia late 2018. Even though it hasn’t been too long to enliven the market, Indonesia released the successor plan smartwatch Xiaomi, Mi Band 4.

The presence of Mi Band 4 known from information distributed Huami, companies producing Mi Band.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Huami say, Mi Band 4 is present in 2019. Unfortunately, not described details when it’s officially released smart bracelet.

“Mi 4 Bands will be present in 2019. But, I can’t promise whether the product was released March or April. However, a definite Mi Band 4 released in 2019, “Frank David Chui as reported by an Android Authority.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with a variety of new features. However, the production team was reluctant to give a glimpse of the special features. MI Band 4 is expected to follow the success of its predecessor labeled hot brands.

Huami mentions his income rose to 78 percent in 2018. The increase was driven by sales of one Mi Band 3.

However, according to Huami, Mi Band 4 does not have much difference from Mi Band 3. Nevertheless, Xiaomi promise presents the smartwatch present with a variety of features ciamik.