Xiaomi Mi Drone User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi Drone User Manual PDF


Xiaomi Mi Drone manual

Xiaomi Mi Drone manual – After a series of rumors circulating and leakage, the drone hosts Xiaomi officially launched. Offers a number of advantages, how much for this device?

Without deploying a special event, its first drone Xiaomi device introduced it. They named it as Mi Drone.

MI Drone designed as quadcopter designed to resemble dragonflies. Xiaomi offer with a camera that swivels 360 degrees.

For navigation can, Xiaomi equip it with a remote control without the screen. So we need a smartphone for use as a view finder.

MI Drone offers modular capability. So that we can take off her camera, as well as with rotor. It was not until there, the battery also can Drone Mi dismantled.

Xiaomi pin 4 flight mode. MI Drones can be flown automatically towards the point that has been set by the user through the map. Users can fly a drone on a predetermined route.

Center point can also be created, so the drones will fly around the area. And with the push of one button in the remote control, Mi Drone will automatically take off and landing at the specified point.

MI Drones comes with two options, the 12 MP camera with the ability to record 4K and 16 MP with 1080 p resolution. The capacity of the battery itself 5,100 mAh claimed can last 30 minutes.

Unfortunately Xiaomi haven’t marketed the Mi Drones at this time. They will sell the new version of the upcoming July 4K while the 1080 p version will be sold with the system application through crowdfunding Mi Home starting May 26.

Excitedly, Xiaomi sold the Mi Drone with a price-friendly pockets. Quoted from pages MIUI, Thursday (26/5/2016), for 1080 p camera lifted and Variant worth 2,499 yuan. While the 4K version sold 2,999 yuan.

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