Xiaomi Mi Max 3 User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 User Manual Download

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 manual – Smartphone series Mi Max films capitalised Xiaomi so far only display screen 6.44 inches. Now sticking out the news that the next series will be carrying the 7-inch screen.

Not only that, Mi Max next will also be supported with a large battery. Even the battery that is said to last up to days.

When launched for the first time, smartphones Xiaomi indeed often presents a feature that no other vendor was adopted. For example, Mi Mix that comes with the screen bezel less, where at that time the other vendors have yet to carry it.

Later variants Plus from Samsung and Google to adopt concepts similar to Xiaomi. It is not impossible that Chinese companies will return to rock the industry smartphone with features of well.


According to reports from CNMO, Mi Max 3 displays a landscape screen 7 inch aspect ratio 18:9 accompanied a very thin bezel at each side of the smartphone. Meanwhile the fingerprint sensor will be placed at the back of the cell phone dual camera accompanied.


Battery capacity for Mi Max 3 is called will be supported of 5,500 mAh, which means increased 200 mAh rather than its predecessor.


For middle class, this reportedly Xiaomi smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon chipsets 630 and 660 to other variants. So far other specs have not been revealed to the public but will likely start to leak them online in the near future.