Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano User Manual PDF


Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano manual

download user’s manual in PDF Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano

Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano User’s Manual Pdf Download

Xiaomi rumored future versions released of the Mix name coded Mi Nano. If a variant originally sized 6.4 inch, then variants of the Nano-sized touted 5.5 inch.

This information was revealed from a photo spread on the internet. On the photo, it appears the two units are juxtaposed Mix Noodles.

One unit appeared a familiar Mi Mix size currently, then comparison is small-bodied units.

Hardware Mi Mix Nano

Not just a matter of appearance, rumored specs Mi Mix Nano also milling about. Mobile phones were reportedly still chipset Snapdragon Qualcomm 821 , just like Mi Mix.

The capacity of RAM no matter its the same, is 4 GB. Only, its internal memory capacities of 128 GB trimmed to 64 GB, as reported GSMArena, Monday (21/12/2016).

For software, cameras, and embedded features, generally still similar.

Camera and Battery Mi Mix Nano

Some other specifications include Mi Mix Nano 4,400 mAh battery, 16 Megapixel rear camera, front camera 5 Megapixel, HD audio, as well as Quick Charge 3.0.

In addition to the question of size, Xiaomi also rumor would issue an Mi Mix wrapped in white. Again the news was leaked because of a photograph of the maya realm flourished.

The photo showed a hand clutching a Mix Mi someone still made of ceramic but are white. In comparison, the white version of the black version looks more calm and gentle.

Mi Mix Nano Release Date

Predictions, variants that would slide shut before 2016. Up to now not yet confirm Xiaomi that issue.

Unknown, Mi Mix glide in unison with the Mi Note 2 in Beijing, China, last October.

At the launch event, the sudden Mix Noodles into a prima donna because of the uniqueness of the design without bezel his or bezelless.

When first sold online on 2 November, stock supplies Mi Mix sold out in just 10 seconds.