Xiaomi Mi Mix User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi Mix User Manual PDF


Xiaomi Mi Mix manual

Xiaomi Mi Mix manual – When introducing the Mi Mix, Lei Jun initially presented as if the new product as a concept. The design concept presented Lei Jun is the design Mi Mix that has a super thin frames.

MI Mix have a ratio of body and screen reaches 90 percent. Unmitigated, seasoned designers employ Xiaomi from France, Philippe Starck, for discussing 6.4 inch sized phablet.

To explain the design philosophy Mi Mix, Lei Jun undertook to invite Starck onto the stage of the launch. According to the middle-aged man it, Mi6 Mix is the fruit of their idealism against a smartphone of high art tastes.

“Creativity will produce creations, and in the end brings out a product that’s riveting,” said Starck.

About specification, Mi Mix get any hardware of premium, such as the processor Snapdragon 821, 4,400 mAh battery, 16 MP camera (main) and selfie (5 MP), HD audio, as well as Quick Charge 3.0.

As for the RAM and memory is divided into two variants, namely 4 GB of RAM with memory 128 GB and RAM iternal 6 GB with 256 GB of internal memory.

For the first variant, it costs at 3,499 RMB and the second variant price at 3,999 RMB. Is not yet known whether Mi Mix will be sold exclusively in China, or global, also sold in various countries by Xiaomi.

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Reviews Xiaomi Mi Mix Update

It cannot be denied that the Mi MIX is one of the best phones Xiaomi who will be present at the market. The first thing that most attracted the attention of our screen is very large, yet embedded in the body of the same size as a mobile phone sailed wide padaumumnya.

The screen on the Mi MIX is very tempting. In addition, sharp screen Mi MIX also has a very thin bezel so that the screen seems to appear up to the edge of the bodinya.

Bodi Mi MIX also quite tempting. Although said to be made of ceramic, part behind it still feels like using plastic. The side of the bodinya feels very sturdy as promised by Xiaomi on when introducing this phone.

Despite the wide screen and the size bodinya large enough, yet still MIX Noodles Xiaomi quite comfortable gripped with one hand. However, this phone is still less comfortable to use by using one hand.

Xiaomi Mi MIX has also been equipped with MiUI interface 8. The most notable change is the presence of Mi Ball which is a special shortcut keys customizable. Moreover, we have not seen a lot of changes on the MiUI 8.

Xiaomi Mi MIX is indeed very attractive in appearance. It is also convenient to use and a large screen is the main advantages that have never been featured in any telephone in the world. So far we are quite happy with this phone, but our assessment is still not complete because this phone is still not fully tested.