Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air User Manual Download

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air User Manual Download

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air manual

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air reviews – The makers of mobile phones and smart devices China, Xiaomi, has just announced its first laptop. A laptop that is very similar to the Apple laptops and given the name Mi Notebook Air.

The laptop comes in two sizes, 13.3 inch and inch-12.5, running Windows with full-HD screen, metal body, and type-C USB charging. There is a full-sized keyboard with buttons resemble Apple with backlit and “Xiaomi Sync” to synchronize data from your phone Xiaomi.

Originally priced around $ 540 for 12.5-inch model. While the flagship model for $ 750. This laptop will go on sale in China on August 2.

Xiaomi promising Intel Core i5 Processor with 8 GB of RAM DDR4 and SSD 256 GB PCIe, and SSD slot that can be improved. For the game, there is a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. Cell phones are 306.9 x 210.9 x 14.8 mm with a weight of 1.28 kilograms.

Its specifications are down a bit for the smaller model, which includes an Intel Core M3 with integrated graphics and 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD that can be improved.

As often happens, Apple is the standard for product comparisons Xiaomi. Chinese companies that declare Mi Notebook Air thinner (13 percent) than the Macbook Air and 11 percent smaller than its rival, cause 5.56 mm.

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