ZTE Axon MINI User Manual Pdf

ZTE Axon MINI User Manual Pdf


ZTE Axon MINI User Manual Pdf Download

ZTE Axon MINI User Manual Pdf – ZTE launched new smartphone device called the Axon. Actually the existence of Mini-Axon already known a few months ago, it’s just that now the new ZTE said the 5.2-inch display information Super AMOLED and Force Touch. Today, however, ZTE has shared a more complete details.

Offered from Businesswire, Tuesday (13/10/2015), ZTE Snapdragon chipsets being embedded Axon Mini 616 with octa-core processor and graphics Adreno 405, 2.5 D curve screen – edge, 3 GB RAM, 13MP camera and 8MP camera front. Then all components protected by titanium-aluminum alloy materials.

ZTE Axon Mini has also been equipped with a number of sensors. Among other sensor fingerprint scanner, scanner and voice control. The Smartphone will also come a variety of colors, such as Gold, Silver, Chromium Ions, and Rose Gold.

While in Europe, a variant of the Gold and Silver Chromium Ion sold $ 370, type Rose Gold for $ 390. There will be also a variant of the mini Axon (Premium Edition) are rewarded $ 400 in China, while in Asia Pacific and Europe fare is $ 420.